Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds - the seeds of which can grow as a female and male plants of cannabis. The ratio of male to female plants on regular cannabis seeds 50 to 50, but may be 70% of the female plants and 30% of male hemp plants, and vice versa. Chance of growing from seed male or female plant depends not only on the fact that in the genes, but also from the influence of the environment. Environmental factors affecting sex: higher nitrogen concentration will give more females cannabis, higher humidity will give more females cannabis, a lower temperature will give more females cannabis, more blue spectrum of light will give more females hemp plant; fewer hours of light will give more female hemp plant. Seeds regular hemp varieties prefer to buy professionals, as their genetics femenizatsii not affected and can be used for further breeding.

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Type: mostly indica Genetics: Uzbekistani Indica Cultivation: indoor / outdoors Flowering: 55-65 days THC: High Yield: indoors: 350/400 g/m2; AFGHAN - very powerful and resinous plant has a huge crop, mostly in the open air. AFGHAN has refined subtle smell of hash …
Big Kush
Genetics: Afghani Type: Indica Yield: 500 g / m ² - October Flowering: 8-9 weeks Height: 0.8 to 2m THC: High Features: open field, greenhouse    Big Kush is native to the foothills of Afghanistan. It is a compact variety that grows well in any soil, su …
Bubble Gum
Genetics: Afghani / Blueberry Type: Indica / Sativa Flowering indoors: 56-63 days THC: 15-20% Crop in greenhouses: 300 - 450 gr/m2 Features: Excellent choice for a greenhouse, very pleasant on the Effects of cones flavored chewing gum Bubble Gum - sort of …
Genetics: Skunk Type: Mostly Sativa Yield: 400-600 g / m ² Height: 1-2 m Flowering: 7 weeks until mid-late October THC: 18% Ideal for open and closed ground. Grade "Euforia" has high yield: 400-600 g / m ². This plant has the characteristics of varieties of "Skunk" …
Type: Sativa / Indica Genetics: Nepal Flowering time: 65-70 days / October (outdoor) THC: 23-28% Yield: 550-600 gr. / M ², in Indore, 240 gr. with plants in the greenhouse, 850-1200 g. from the plant under the sun (dry weight) The effect: a clear, cerebral "high", support …
Pineapple Skunk
Type: Indica / Sativa Flowering period: 60-65 days Outdoor harvest: end of September Height: 60-70cm THC content: 25% Yield: 650 g/m2 This commercial strain is very popular because of its large production of large dense shyshek quality. The result is an extremely ene …
Genetics: Super Haze / Durban Poison Type: Sativa / Indica dominant Yield: very high Flowering: 6-7 weeks, the end of September THC: High Height: 3-4 meters! Features: An early flowering, ideal for outdoors       This variety has a short fl …
White Russian
Genetics: William's Wonder x Lowryder Genetics: AK-47 x White Widow Type: Indica Yield: up to 500g / m ² Flowering: 7-9 weeks THC: High Plants produce very strong cones, resin coated. The effect is very strong and durable, most "intelligent" than relaxing. This is -  …