Payment Information

We accept the following methods of payment:

Through the system Webmoney (the easiest way)

Our data in the system (purses)

Payment through payment terminals and cash / ATM / Internet banking partner banks - a quick and easy way to order payment. Admission to the purse is immediately (in some cases - with a slight delay). Another advantage is that you do not need a formal certificate WebMoney and without the need for the application for a site.

After the transfer please let us know!

Bank transfer

We accept payment by bank transfer. You pay all charges and fees charged when you make a bank transfer. We will give you bank account details when specifying your bank transfer as a payment method for your order.
Payments by credit or debit cards for all major banking systems

Please note that we do not accept orders with payment by credit card, if the card is not registered in the country of receipt of order. In that case, please make payment by bank transfer.

    If you are in the buyer's duties / taxes on imports, the responsibility for their payment of delivery. For more information, please contact your local customs authorities.
    Before the order can be shipped, it must be paid in full, and this condition is valid for all orders. Shipping is made in the presence of the goods in the warehouse, and the product remains the property of Crimea Seeds long until full payment.
    Crimea Seeds will not disclose any information (personal or financial) to third parties.