Moby Dick feminized

Moby Dick feminized
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Type : Sativa / Indica

Genetics : Haze * White Widow

Application : Indoor / Outdoor

Height: Tall

THC: more than 21 %

Flowering: 60-70 days / mid October

Vintage: 1000-1500 g .

Moby Dick most psychoactive variety with a THC content of over 21 % and a TGKV above average .

TGKV present in the equatorial Sativa varieties in response to ultraviolet rays .

This enhances the effects of THC .

Low concentrations of CBD makes psychoactive intensity and duration .

It stimulates hunger and thirst and successfully used by those who treat the secondary effects of chemotherapy and anorexia .

This hybrid of two principal phenotypes : approximately 65% of the dominant varieties are Sativa, and the remaining 35% - smaller and faster plant .

Sativa phenotype has woody, pine scent , and Indica phenotype noticeably sweeter .

This variety requires a large amount of light to grow to full potential .

It is also preferred pH level not higher than 6,5.

Alfresco this sort can be high-yield , if growing in optimal conditions .

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