Jack Herer feminized

Jack Herer feminized
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Type: 55% Sativa - 45% Indica
Genetics: Haze and Red Skunk
Application: indoor and outdoor
Height: 1.5 - 2m
THC: 21%
Flowering: beginning of October 2mesyatsa-
Yield: up to 760 gr / m2 indoor and 1500 m from the bush on the street

Jack Herer - Dutch variety, named after a fighter for the legalization of cannabis. He appeared in the 90s of the last century after crossing the best genes of the Red Skunk and Haze. Formed strain became feminized and indica-dominatnym (55%) with 45% share of sativa phenotype. This Strain contains 21% THC, unpretentious in the care and hardy street. For these characteristics the product in 1994 was awarded the title "Best grade cannabis."

Jack Herer is suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. Depending on the climate and weather, the tip reaches the level of 150 to 200 cm. The phase flowering buds and leaves secrete large amounts of resin. After 2 months of flowering growers start to harvest: the room 1 square meter will yield 760 grams of dry, on a street in the southern regions of the plant is obtained 1.5 kg of resinous buds. When autdornom growing fruits ripen in late September or in the first week of October.

These results are possible in the cultivation methods and SoG SCRoG. With the exception of air purifiers and grouboksov (for premises), variety does not require additional financial costs.

Crimea Seeds Company offers its customers a product with a bitter-sour taste, herbal notes and a fruity aroma. Within minutes, a person feels a burst of energy and goes into a state of wakefulness. After 1-2 hours, increased craving for food. In medicine used cannabis as a painkiller

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