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Type: Sativa / Indica

Genetics: Nepal

Flowering time: 65-70 days / October (outdoor)

THC: 23-28%

550-600 gr. / M ², in Indore, 240 gr. with plants in the greenhouse, 850-1200 g. from the plant under the sun (dry weight)

The effect: a clear, cerebral "high", supports concentration and creativity, and very inspirational. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians and other creative people.

Power: 9-10/10, long effect, no nervous side-effects (the typical heart rate, etc.) for regular medical use, or for smokers tolerant to THC.

Aroma: fruity citrus, spicy.

Cultivation: indoor / outdoor

Medical importance: Hunter helps with depression and anxiety, to help get rid of the sort of sleep disorder.

Genetic improvement, in 2006, in order to make it even more powerful. This sort of joy to the heart of a connoisseur. Hunter is an extremely easy growing sativa. He showed impressive stamina against ticks, spiders, and other pests, and has good resistance to disease. Its slim structure allows it to grow in narrow rows, or in SOG, to further increase the productivity record. Like all of our Sativa, Hunter tolerates heat - an added bonus for small spaces in the hot summer. Most sweet and fruity and spicy fragrance gives a real pleasure.

Hunter cones have a long form with tight buds. The plant does not require a lot of fertilizer, you can grow this variety with little or no fertilizer, provided the use of high-quality soil and sufficient size vessels (about 7.5 liter pots for adult plants under illumination 250-600W HPS). For best results in hydroponics, maintain a low level of EC. Hunter is a high yielding, powerful plant with very Sativa effect. Dense buds easy to manicure, and from resinous leaves can be cooked hemp upper class, comparable in quality to the famous Nepalese "temple balls".

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