Is it possible to order from my country?

We ship goods to all countries, except the United States, but we strongly recommend you to read the laws of their country and the area to find out legally for you to purchase our products. All products offered on our site, approved for sale in Europe and the CIS.

We are not responsible for those who chose to act contrary to the laws of their country, and we do not recommend this to anyone.

Can I grow cannabis / marijuana from seed? If not, why do you sell them?

In the CIS and European countries are allowed to own hemp seed, sell it and buy, but germinate and cultivate hemp prohibited by national legislation in the field of drugs. Each country has its own laws on drugs, which are constantly changing, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the laws of the country in this field.

Our seeds are sold as souvenirs seed gene pool, which may help keep the gene pool of cannabis for future use and research. In countries where the cultivation of cannabis is prohibited, we propose to store the seeds until the changes to the law. Sprouting seeds that we offer can be used only in those countries where it is permitted by law.

Do I have to report their actual data when ordering?

This is an important point. We ship all orders for your specified data. Quite unreasonable to assume that you will be able to enter data left, and then in the mail for them to get a parcel. Get a packet can only passport or other identity document. Please ensure that the data specified in the order were real. Otherwise you can not get your parcel. Do not forget that you can order "on demand."

In what currency and what form you accept payments?

The cost of goods in our shop is directly tied to the euro, as they are produced in Europe. But you can pay for your order in other currencies at a specified rate. Please note that the prices listed in euros or other currencies may be inaccurate, as different banks may act different rates and different fees charged.

How will my order?

All orders are sent in compliance with privacy. After receiving the order, we decide how best to package it - possible options put in a standard protective envelope in the box to DVD for extra protection or even more secure container to be delivered if a large distance. The only information that is indicated on the envelope - it is your name and address, which shall be signed by hand. As a rule, we leave the seeds in the original packaging, although in some cases, if required by the security of delivery, we can extract it from the package.

How can I make sure that your company can be trusted? Do we really get what you pay for? Perhaps you have a store, warehouse or some other object, where we could go?

Company Crimea Seeds, the site owner, trades since 2009, and on the Internet there is plenty of evidence of reliability of our service and the quality of our products.

We - a virtual online store, so we do not accept visitors in person, but difficult to contact us via the contact page on our website or by phone. Generally, if we are approached in the workplace, we received a response from a half hour.

How can I make sure that you have received and sent my order?

Just place your order, you will receive an email confirmation containing your order number and information about your order positions. If you have any questions in connection with the order, please indicate the order number in the message, turning to us. Another e-mail with information on the administration to track its status, we will send to you after submitting your order.

How many seeds are in one package?

The number of seeds in each pack - 10 or 5.

Is the cost of shipping in the price of goods?

No, shipping is paid separately by the buyer and its value depends on the nature and volume of your order and the destination. See "Shipping".