Delivery Information

All CIS countries we ship orders from office.
All orders are shipped within 24-hours from the moment of transfer to our account.
The orders are shipped 6 days a week. For example: an order, paid on Saturday, sent Monday. Therefore we recommend to plan the time of your order payment.
We kindly ask you to check the contact details. Notify exactly the data that you provide. If you make a mistake - the order will not come to you, in this case Crimea Seeds Company is not responsible.

Delivery times vary depending on the characteristics of the postal services in different countries

Delivery method Delivery Price, €
 EMS 5-7 days 20
 Accelerated departure to the CIS, and other countries 10-18 days 4

On request, the order can be sent "on demand." Indicate this in a note to the order required.


In most cases, we send the seeds in their original packaging. Package wrapped or placed in a small cardboard box or in the box in DVD, and then in the envelopes, padded Bubble wrap. Because of this you can be sure to get the seeds intact and in excellent condition. Sometimes used, and other types of packaging, but we guarantee that you sent it the seeds that you have chosen, and other packaging required to ensure their protection.

Therefore, you have to completely disassemble the packaging to find the seeds. Please, before you write to us, we did not send seeds - more carefully check the contents of the parcel!

The envelope will be only your address, stamp and label with a bar code to track shipment. We do not share the contents of the envelope and do not show it the name of our company.