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Genetics: William's Wonder x Lowryder

Type: Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis

Yield: up to 60 grams per plant

Flowering: 60-65 days from seed

THC: 14-16%

Ideal for greenhouses.

Lowryder # 2 is extremely durable and hardy, so it can be cultivated in virtually any climate and the surrounding atmosphere. Essentially Lowryder # 2 grovinga pushed the boundaries, providing early harvests in the "unfriendly" places like Finland, the North West Territories, and other northern, short-season areas. It is also well adapted to the gardens in the back yard, a sunny windowsill, open courtyards, where the plants can be easily concealed because of its small size. Nothing can keep up earlier and faster Lowryder # 2! At the time, the other varieties will soon bloom, growers Lowryder # 2 is already enjoying fresh ripe harvest!

Indoor: 40-45 days (15-20 days after seedling stage)
Open ground - about 60 days from seed.
The average height of 40 cm, max. 50cm (really depends on the lighting)

Yield depends on the light (the most), and other factors. Weight harvest comes to 60g. In one case, grown hydroponic Lowryder # 2 gave 96gr! Without normal conditions plants may stay extremely small, even comically tiny, but the harvest will still be. The buds are very dense and compact, close together, slightly irregular and different, with a large ratio kidney / foliage. Medium-sized slender pistils ("hairs") have a cup of orange. Indoors coated buds start low from the soil.

Uplifting effect is surprisingly strong, balanced. Most suitable to stay on the air. The smoke is mild, with pleasant earthy undertones. Not smell extra strong.

Indoors Lowryder # 2 shows very good results both in the soil mix, and in wishful systems where it can be grown from seed to harvest in two months. We recommend using the daily light regime 18/6 during the whole cycle. Transition to the 12/12 can reduce the yield and reduce the already short flowering period.
Because the life cycle of Lowryder # 2 is extremely short, cloning is not possible, so plants can be obtained only from seeds. By default, Lowryder # 2 - the perfect choice for the method of "sea of ​​green" (SOG, sea-of-green).

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