Auto AK-47

Auto AK-47
Auto AK-47 Auto AK-47
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Genetics: autoflowering hybrid

Type: Mostly Sativa / Ruderalis

Yield: up to 80-250 g per plant

Flowering: 8-9 weeks

THC: 21%

Ideal for open and closed ground.
To your attention a new and improved auto-flowering hybrid AK47 from the company CRIMEA SEEDS. Everything we love about the AK -47 is left unchanged, with its wonderful aroma and unique in its vast content of tar lumps . Growing indoors or outdoors , is now achievable for everyone. Blossoms automatically depending on age, not from the light cycle.
Auto AK47 for about 16-18 days will be in the vegetative phase , then enter into a rapid, almost violent flowering period. In the next 60-70 days , the plant will start up many branches , which will grow cones and covered with resin , as if studded with small diamonds . Odor level is quite high, and a large number of female flowering plants, of course, can produce enough flavor.
Compared with other auto - colors, we have increased its growth, which entails an increase in yields. Indoors under optimal growing conditions for Auto AK47, in conjunction with the regime lighting 20 quarters and necessary space for the roots , the harvest can easily exceed 250 g per plant ( 350g record ), but even on the street, without any additional lighting during the summer , 100g per plant is very common .
AUTO AK- 47 is the most powerful hybrid atotsvetuschim from all available at the moment , as well as a powerful force for effect.

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