Autoflowering Seeds

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Auto AK-47
Genetics: autoflowering hybrid Type: Mostly Sativa / Ruderalis Yield: up to 80-250 g per plant Flowering: 8-9 weeks THC: 21% Ideal for open and closed ground. To your attention a new and improved auto-flowering hybrid AK47 from the company CRIMEA SEEDS. Everything we lo …
Auto Blueberry
Genetics: Blueberry x Lowryder Type: Indica / Ruderalis, hybrid Yield: up to 120 g per plant Flowering: 8 weeks THC: High Ideal for greenhouses. Auto Blueberry - fully auto-flowering hybrid, the result of interbreeding with Canadian Blueberry ruderalis. New variety h …
Auto Bubble Gum
Genetics Branch: Bubble Gum x Auto Type: mainly indica Flowering: 8-9 weeks THC: 20% Height: 65-130 cm Yield indoors: 300 gr / m2 Features: An excellent choice for the greenhouse is very pleasant on the Effects of cones with the scent of chewing gum Package: 10 seeds Auto Bubble g …
Auto Lemon Skunk
Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Lowryder Type: Sativa / Ruderalis Yield: up to 40 g per plant Flowering: 56 days from seed THC: 14-16% Ideal for greenhouses. Auto Lemon Skunk was created with the legendary Lemon Skunk with lemon flavor and male plants Lowryder from Joint Doc …
Auto Nefertiti
Genetics: Black Widow x White Widow Type: Sativa / Indica Height: 90-200 cm Yield: 400-450 g / m indoor / 300-800 g / plant outdoors Full tsykl: 70dney THC: 22% Packing: 10 pcs Auto Nefertiti Auto Nefertiti - this auto-flowering beauty, which has expanded the global collection  …
Auto Tutankhamon
Genetics: AK 47 Selection Type: Sativa / Indica Height: 70-140 cm (indoor), up to 200 cm (outdoor).. Yield: 550g \ m2 indoor, up to 1500g \ m2  outdoors Full tsykl: 8-10 weeks THC: 30% Auto Tutankhamon Auto Tutankhamon - auto-flowering variety, derived from th …
Big Devil#2
Genetics: Skunk; Type: Ruderalis (Sativa dominant); Yields in Indore: 400-600 grams per square meter; Yields in Outdoor: 50-300 grams per plant; Harvest: 9 weeks after planting; Height: 100-150 cm; THC: 20% Auto Big Devil # 2 - very high-yielding variety, perfec …
Genetics: William's Wonder x Lowryder Type: Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis Yield: up to 60 grams per plant Flowering: 60-65 days from seed THC: 14-16% Ideal for greenhouses. Lowryder # 2 is extremely durable and hardy, so it can be cultivated in virtually any climate an …
White Widow
Genetics: Auto AK47 x Colombian x Lowryder Type: Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis Flowering: 60-65 days from seed THC / Efficiency: 15-20% Yield: 40-70g per plant Features: Autoflowering hybrid, ideal for open and closed ground. Not recommended for people with high blood pre …