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Cannabis seeds 

Crimea Seeds Company was founded in 2009 by a group of breeders from the Netherlands and other talented and like-minded breeders developing new varieties with characteristics samotsveteniya. For several years, breeders Crimea Seeds collected, selected and improved the quality of some best exotic and hybrid varieties of cannabis Sativa and Indica from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, the California coast.
   Crimea Seeds sosredotchili their efforts on producing high-quality, stable and resistant varieties autoflowering cannabis seeds, focusing primarily on quality, not quantity - can be seen from the stability and some of our varieties. Crimea Seeds produces all its seeds in their own research and experimental laboratories in Holland. All seeds are sold only in original packages of 5 or 10 seeds, just so we can guarantee the quality of products we ordered.


  Growing marijuana or cannabis plant is a crime in many countries, please check with your own law, if you intend to grow marijuana. The company - owner of the site crimeaseeds.com, sells cannabis seeds as souvenirs seed intended for adults only. Crimea Seeds is not interested to induce anyone to act against the law. All purchasers of seeds are responsible for their subsequent actions. All information available on the website or on the packaging crimeaseeds.com intended solely for educational purposes and is not intended that to condone or encourage the use or cultivation of unauthorized and / or not subject to the free circulation of substances, or encourage such actions.

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The Crimea Seeds team.